Saturday 30 June 2012

How to Subscribe to the Channel

 Advantages of subscribing to the channel are,
a) Whenever a video is uploaded a notification to this effect is sent on the subscriber's email.
b) All Videos related to Narration of personal experience of Param Pujya Bapu's grace (Anubhav Kathan) can be viewed from a Central location.

Please find the procedure below,

1) Click the below link,

2) On the upper right hand corner, click on create account if you wish to create a new account or sign in using your existing account. Note that you can use your Gmail ID to login to YouTube.

3)  Below is the login page where you need to provide the required details,

4) Click on Subscribe button to subscribe to the channel.

5)  After subscribing, click on videos tab and then select Playlist. Videos according to languages are available as Playlists here.


6)  Move your mouse pointer over the Subscribed button. Don't click on the button. You will see a small pop-up window which has 2 checkboxes. Click on 2nd checkbox. By clicking on this checkbox, you can get notification on your email for each new video upload.

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